757fan's ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Created a new tracking thread because I was unable to update my old one’s title.

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Open at KJFK!
Pattern work allowed runways 22L/22R
Departing and landing 13L/13R and 22L/22R

NOTE: Pattern work is now not allowed due to heavy traffic. Please finish any patterns or leave the airspace now if you are still doing them.

Closed as a result of noobs landing and taxiing without clearance.

Anyways, now that I have closed, any comments on my performance?

Now open at JFK!
Dep. and arriv. runways 22L/22R and 31L/31R.
Pattern work allowed.

Currently landing into VIDP, but will pop by straight after to fly some patterns!

I’ll stop by shortly for some patterns.

I’ll stop by for an approach

Im coming!

Where u @757fan

Pattern work is now no longer allowed.

Has anyone here heard of a straight out departure?
So many noobs…

@AviationJack, easy on the patterns! you’re crowding out @mac104 xD (keep some spacing lol)

Feedback for @757fan;

  • Good transition
  • Correct pattern entry
  • Try to sequence and clear (and pattern entry if it applies) as soon as you can, just get it over with! Sequence, clear, and you’re done
  • You didn’t have to use “I’ll call your base” on me early on - there wern’t any close inbounds or departures on 22L
  • Good go around call

In the future, if you’re going to control at large busy airports such as JFK, don’t take tower AND ground, or you’re swamped when it gets busy like this. That way you won’t have to deny pattern work when you’re running an ATC tracking thread (which is basically recruiting people for pattern work). Not a bad job, but you’re overworking yourself.
Thanks, Callsign OK55


Pattern work now allowed again as the airport has much fewer planes.

Correction: Ground will stay open.

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Think most of it is covered in the post above. You handled my patterns well.

One additional item: you sent me two “on-gaurd” warnings, but I was still outside of your airspace and talking to approach as they vectored my to final. You can see if an aircraft is tuned to another frequency by looking at their info (you may know this already), so you can wait a little longer before asking for the frequency change, in the event it looks like both approach and the aircraft forgot to switch over to you.

Other than that, I commend your bravery with KJFK.

Thanks again


Just closed up, so leave any feedback now!

Now open at EGLL approach!
EDIT: Now closed.

Now open at KJFK!
Pattern work allowed.
Landing/dep. runways 31L/31R and 22L/22R.

EDIT: Closed.

Open at @EGLL (tower only).
Dep. runways 27L, landings 27L and 27R.
No pattern work.

EDIT: Closed.

Open at EHAM!
Tower only.
No pattern work.

EDIT: Closed.

Any feedback?