757fan’s ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Now open at KSFO (approach only)!
-Vectors for KSFO and KOAK
-Expect vectors for 28L/28R for SFO arrivals

NOTE: I have not done much approach controlling (mainly tower/ground only, which is what I prefer), but I would like any feedback about my skills and how I can improve on them. Thank you!

EDIT: Closed.

Open at JFK:
Departing runways 13L/13R and 22L/22R
Landing runways 13L/13R and 22L/22R
Pattern work allowed

EDIT: Closed.

Now open at KJFK!
-Pattern work allowed
-Dep. runways 04L/04R
-Landing runways 04L/04R and 31L/31R

EDIT: Closed

Nice work while it was busy. N561jv

Came by for a few patterns. Will send feedback via PM.


I would recommend opening at a less noob-filled place so you can focus on non-noob IFC aircraft ;)

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Now open at KJFK!
Dep. runways 31L/31R and 04L/04R
Landing runways 04L/04R
Pattern work allowed
EDIT: Closed.

Now open at KJFK!
Landing runways 04L/R and 31L/R
Departing runways 31L/R
Pattern work allowed.

Closed because a bunch of idiots were taxing around without permission.

Note: I plan to apply for IFATC soon, so any feedback would be welcome.

Open at KJFK!
Pattern work allowed runways 22L/22R
Departing and landing 13L/13R and 22L/22R

for some reason now I can’t seem to change the title…