757fan’s ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Hello and welcome to my ATC tracking thread! I am currently practicing my ATC skills before trying for IFATC, so I decided to create this thread for practicing and feedback. Some stats about me:
-Display Name: 757fan
-I have 3953 operations as of 9/1/18.
-I have been doing ATC on TS since its conception.


Make sure to change the title whenever you open or close.

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Your name is cool :)


Feel free to post any feedback/notes in chat after I have closed or when I am still active.

You can also request airports for me to open if I am not having much traffic on the one I am currently controlling.

I recommend staying open a lot longer for pattern work and you left as I spawned in.

Now open at KLGA!
-Pattern work allowed
-Departing runway 04 an 31
-Landing runway 04
-No aircraft larger than a 763/DC10/A332

[EDIT] Now closed.


I’m coming! I’ll be doing some patterns in a A318. Callsign X-SA007… 2015 IF Livery <3

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I’ll be there! Call sign N864DN

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I’ll pop by for a pattern or two… or three



Thanks for opening up, working toward IFATC and seeking feedback. Had fun flying a few quick patterns. I was N479QT in a Citation. I only had a few minutes or would have stayed longer.

Couple of things:

  • I called inbound and you gave me reasonable pattern entry instr. Great. I think I would have put me on the RW without the 11 knot crosswind since there was no other traffic, but the RW you sent me to was fine.
  • I reported final at about 2nm since I had not received clearance yet. Unless there was other activity I was not aware of, this could be have been done much sooner. Didn’t see anything on the map.
  • When you cleared me for the option the first time you didn’t give me RW exit instr (e.g. make right traffic).
  • During that second pattern you never cleared me to land / for the option. I intentionally didn’t call final, etc. and ultimately performed a GA at ~ 100 AGL.

Keep up the good work and thanks for being willing to offer ATC!!


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Now open at SFO:
Pattern work allowed
Departing runways 28L/28R
Landing runways 28L/28R

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I just got done doing patternwork as h145nj at ksfo. I do want to say that you did a great job and that you should have told the aircraft behind d me that has 2 7ns in the callsign if I remember right to go around due to close traffic on runway. P.S. I did a landing further down so I didnt have to taxi as much just like ga pilots do irl.

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Told quite a few pilots to make 360s but only 1 listened unfortunately… also had people 3rd in line requesting takeoff… If I get into IFATC I’m not gonna miss that… thank you though!

If anyone else at SFO who was there in the past 2 hours has any feedback on my controlling, feel free to say it here.

You told me to do a left and I executed perfectly then you told southwest 11 once he requested landing. Then again he started a 15 degree right turn then back. Then again and he flew away from the airport lol.

Yeah… I told him to make a 360 which he only partially did… then I told him to go slow because he was close to a CRJ ahead, and of course he spread up to 220 knots, nearly hitting the CRJ.

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Now open at KMIA:
-Pattern work allowed
-Dep. runways 08L/08R, 12 and 09
-Landing runways 08L/08R and 09

EDIT: Now closed.

I’ll swing around for some touch n goes
Delta 102

Great pattern work, sorry I couldn’t stay longer. I noticed one thing tho, you cleared me for base pretty early which led to a landing a little down the runway.