757 with 767 Cockpit?

So I was on cruise in the DAL 757 when I saw this label with the 767-300ER weight limits, I was just wondering why this is here? Also do I put this in support or nah?


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Not #support, this is not an issue.
More of something overlooked when the devs were making the cockpit, just a little harmless mistake.
Probably won’t get fixed until a rework.

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Thank You! Now I know lol

This isnt even a mistake by the devs… The 757/767 have the same/very similar cockpit. It is also one type rating for pilots to fly.

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It is a mistake, but a very very small one. But who is looking down there xD


I noticed this earlier today as well (:

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But it really isnt lol. They have similar/same cockpits irl

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Still makes it a mistake as even with the same cockpit it would specify the aircraft model 🙂

This is an issue which won’t be fixed until a 757 rework. Whenever that will be!