757 Wing Flex Issue

thank you guys for the hard work!!!

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Thank YOU for the good work and the detailed updates (especially timeframe)!
We look forward for turbulences to recover from their time off so the cabin can get a little quieter thanks to bumpy flights 😁

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Hey everyone, just to keep you all in the loop, we’re still on track to release the hotfix this week, with fixes for a few other issues including low visibility staying the same throughout a flight.

We’ll post an announcement when the hotfix has been released. Thanks for your patience!


YES! Happy to hear! this includes turbulence ?

Yes, it does (as per the topic of this thread) :)


Just double checking!

Anyone else remember like 19.4 when the turbulence was absolutely insane? I was scared that i would rock to far to one side and my A/P would disengage 😂

Happy its being fixed!

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It seems like all planes have a lack of wing flex since 20.3. Idk if it’s just me or

Please read this topic completely.

Well, I did. so…

You sure you read this correctly?

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Thank you wig can’t wait!

Yeah, I’ve noticed this as well, however, I was flying a 172 around and there was for sure some turbulence on that flight so is it just with larger aircraft?

Edit: Whoops, thought this was a new topic, didn’t notice it had been around for a while, sorry if I’m repeating information!

Rolling out now:


It definitely fixed the issue! Wing flex is present now and perfectly functional. It feels good to have it back.

Thanks Cameron and staff! :)