757 Wing Flex Issue

Need some clarity here:

Are you not seeing any wing flex at all or are you just not noticing any turbulence and therefor no wing flex?

Let me take 1 newly reworked aircraft and 1 fairly old aircraft with wing flex to test this out.

No the wings flex it just seems like turbulence has been turned off or down significantly since the update

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Thanks! We reworked our weather backend for this update and there may still be some issues here and there. We are looking into this and will fix this as soon as possible.

I’ve already discussed with the developer in charge of that.


During my flight slight turbulence was present and there was a tail wind of around 80kts. No wing flex present during cruise.

Thank you! :)

Hi. I’m not seeing any wing flex at all. Not on rotation, not on climb, not in crosswind conditions etc… it’s as if it just vanished when I updated to 20.3. Before wing flex was prevalent and correlated nicely with meteorological conditions.

Hope this explanation helps!!


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Can you grab a screen recording of a takeoff from a wing view? Upload to YouTube or smth and link in here :)

Yeah. I see it during take off and the wings are flexed up in flight but there is no movement due to wind/turb.
It does work in solo when you turn up the weather settings. So it’s not the planes, it’s the weather itself causing it.


I’ll try now.


I tried uploading a video but it’s not working because the file is incompatible. Are you seeing the normal and customary wing flex on your end?

Try to upload it into Google Drive and share the link here. That would work! :)

My system isn’t cooperating. Perhaps, if you are experiencing the same problem would you be so kind to upload a wing view video?

I feel terrible but it’s not working. I hope a video could help the developers since it seems like this issue is happening to more people and not just us.


When I am flying, I have wing flex on takeoff and landing but it’s only absent in cruise. Thus, my takeoff video wouldn’t be much of help. :(

So I thought of giving an update. I did a short flight from Gan International to Velana International and this time, the wing flex was present where applicable. I didn’t see any issue.

It’s not that the wing flex isn’t there at all, it’s that there is no movement in turbulence as there usually is. Or did you mean this is there now?

Thank you. I’ll try again today. My last flight was in an A321 from JFK to MIA. I chose this airport because of then less then optimal meteorological conditions. I loved the way the fog looked! As I taxied and stared my takeoff roll, I immediately switched to wing view and the wing was perfectly still. I don’t get it, usually there is always some flex as you rotate with a crosswind and in fog.

As soon as I switch to solo mode the wing flex is there. I’ll try this morning but am eager to hear what others are experiencing.

I may even uninstall and then reinstall the app.

Thank you all for your help!

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The same
I flew in 140knot crosswinds and no movement at all.

Where did you get a 140kts crosswind? 😳

Try it in China