757 Wing Flex Issue

Hi everyone, not sure if I’m posting this in the correct spot, but if not I apologize. Ever since I downloaded 20.3 yesterday, I noticed that the wing flex wasn’t present on the 757. When I say wing flex I’m referring to the natural movement of the wing when encountering turbulence or winds. I then flew other routes with different planes that I k ow have wing flex and still nothing. Any ideas?


I’ve been noticing that lately too, it’s just that the turbulence is down, go into solo and turn that on if you wanna see wing flex

The B757’s physics are based off of the real world counterpart. You may have just been flying in a really windy pocket. Remember this is a mobile game. It isn’t perfect, but it’s great.


There should be a wing flex on the B757. Have you taken off yet or did you just watch it on the ground? Because as soon as your nose lifts off the ground there should be a wingflex.

it is, just not as agressive as other planes. ther ehasnt been much turbulence lately and if you look the 757 does well in turbulence in general so less wingflexing. its there, but its not the wings its the airplane itself not bouncing around as much.

Wingflex isn’t really present when flying with a light load or in calm winds. It is there though, especially when you try a MTOW takeoff.

if anything i think they might’ve turned down the turbulence to be more realistic? maybe not but the weather in the game can be pretty good. I think the 757 just isn’t really affected by turbulence because its lighter/ in real life handles it better.

i also noticed it dips the pitch aggressively when engaging autopilot (altitude) during climb. same for the new 777’s.


They can’t “turn down the turbulence” you can only do that in solo mode. Turbulence is based on the real world weather happening.

You as a pilot can easily learn how to fix these issues. Practice in solo mode. It’s amazing what a little practice can do for you.

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Exactly, turbulence is based off of real life meteorological conditions.

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Oh I’ve taken off…and normally on takeoffs there is wing flex present. I tried the A350, 777F and 777 300 and I don’t see wing flex either. Before the update it was present and noticeable during windy conditions. I did a 757 flight from LHR TO JFK and not once was there wing flex


Now that you mention it I did a flight from John F Kennedy to Keflavik on the B757 and wing flex was not present. The winds were at 80kts at cruise. The only time I noticed wing flex was when taking off and landing only.

Exactly! I don’t even see it at take off. I can feel the plane drift with the wind as I go down the runway but after rotating their is no wing flex.

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I’ve noticed this as well. It seems like turbulence has been turned off with the new weather update

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Not sure if this is going to help, but have you tried using the B787 or have you only tried the newly reworked aircraft? i’m in a flight right now and wing flex is working for me.

If you fly in real life the wings always flex even in very light turbulence, there is always some buffeting as wind hits the aircrafts large surface area.
This seems to have gone.
Actually was flying in 100knot crosswinds and nothing.


I do see wing flex rather obvious when taking off.
Turbulence seems to be off here though? Or am i missing something?

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There’s a difference between flying in an area with high winds, and an area with turbulence. And not always does high winds = turbulence. Turbulence has less to do with the speed of the air, and more with other meteorological phenomena.

A quick turbulence reference guide is Atlantic Ocean Turbulence Trouble Spots - Turbulence Forecast which is helpful in generally planning for turbulence areas along your flight path

Yes…that’s the best way to explain it!

I haven’t tried the 787. I tried the 777 and A350 and no wing flex either…before the update both of these aircrafts had wing flex correlating to the meteorological conditions present