757 Wheel Taxi Issue

Hey everyone.

I have been flying the amazing 757-200 for a few months now, on two different devices and I am wondering if any of you have the same problem as me. Most planes in IF maintain a steady ground speed without power while on the ground but I feel like the 757 slows down too fast without the brakes. It’s like medium brake application is always being applied. I have to use about 30% power to keep my speed and 40-45% power to gently accelerate on the ground. The load isn’t the issue as my weight is always below the MLW or MTOW. It’s an old plane on IF and i’m not sure if the real 757 does this or it’s just a matter of fixing the issue in the app.

Thanks for your help!

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This is a known issue with the B757. It is quite over-powered. Hopefully in the future it will be fixed in the B757 rework linked below :)


Yes, this is a known issue!

You can vote for the 757 rework here

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Thanks for the reply! Out of votes unfortunately, plus I’d rather have other aircraft than the 757 (not to say I don’t love the beautiful 757). I think IF should fix the issue without a rework for the time being.

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Thanks! Didn’t see your post for a second. :)

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Yep I have the same problem I keep power at 20% and it’s perfect also when descending it feel like it’s noses diving down

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