757 v speeds

how come whenever I out in the v speeds for the 757 VR is always 131 even on a fully loaded 757 it’s 131 why is this? There is a similar with the 777LR

this is using the addon IF assistance c

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Umm wrong category. This should be in #general.

The 757 and 777 are two different planes so their performance may be different. Also if you’re using different throttle settings that could change your rotation speed.
Maybe the app or whatever you’re using to get your Vr speed isn’t accurate?

Is this using the Infinite Flight Assistant app?

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no its a issue with the addon IFA


Ah, then it would go in #thirdparty.

To help with your issue, the 757 V-Speeds on IF-A are from the older modeled 757. The physics are wayyy different then the reworked 757.

In that case I suggest PMing @epaga as he’s the developer of IF-Assistant.

ok i will i just made this topic to alert him about it

i mean even with the old one 131 as wayyyy to slow for it to rotate i remember when i was flying the 757 to make a video for old vs new

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Yep, it’s hard to get an accurate V-Speed for the older one. Maybe epaga will update it soon.

yea hopfully

If you use fpltoif.com, they provide updated V-speeds based on weight of the flight that I find rather accurate for the 757.

oh ok thanks i will use that next time i do a flight

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