757 Update Question

In all of the posts I’ve seen it looks as if only the 757-200, not the -300 or the freighter version will be coming.

If this is the case, will we lose the DHL and UPS liveries that we already have?

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Read the first post on the tracking thread.

No 757-300s. -Fs are unlikely.

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That is correct, 20.3 will only feature the B757-200 passenger variant.


not sure… The 200 is for sure but I would also like to see the 300

I understand that, but currently we have only the 757-200, but it has two cargo liveries on it. My question is after the update will those two be gone?

Yes, those two will be gone since UPS and FedEx don’t operate passenger services.

Like most variants in a particular family, the -200 and -200F have quite a few notable differences. The obvious being a lack of windows, cargo bay, and cargo door, however many freight operators like FedEx have refreshed their flight deck and even moved the main entry door from it’s original location. This would result in a considerable amount of additional development and in some ways a new model itself.

We know the freighter is an important variant, especially in today’s application of the B757. This may come at a later date!