757 Update Minor Issue

I’m not sure if this is posted in the right place, but I’ve noticed a small problem with the strobe lights on the fantastic, newly updated 757. The strobe lights blink on the very tip top on the wing tip rather than where most airplanes have strobes. I haven’t gotten a big fix update yet. Thanks! Other than that little issue, I absolutely love the new update!!!

I believe that’s where the strobe lights are in real life

That’s based of the IRL 757. The 757 in real life has the strobes atop the winglet.

What is IRL 757?

The 757 in the real world.

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Please ensure all reported aircraft issues are done so with facts and references. This is a great opportunity to Google the B757 and cross check the strobe location prior to reporting a bug.

The first image under B757 Wingtip is: