757 Unofficial Takeoff & Landing Profiles

Wow I didn’t realize it was that much, thanks!

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Nice work! But does anyone know where to find an actual v-speed calculator online? Like the 777-200LR, A320 family and 737-800 have.

Thank you for making this! Very useful, and I’m using it RIGHT NOW as I am flying this B757. I do have a question though: On the ‘Quick Reference Guide,’ the Reversers & Taxi section, it says at 80 knots reduce to idle, and at 60 knots reversers stowed. Can you please reiterate that? It doesn’t make sense to me, as of now, so I just need some clarification. Thank you!

Sure thing! So at 80kts you’ll start reducing from whatever reverse thrust ( ex. REV 88%) you’re using to a value closer to idle or 0%. So you’ll use less engine thrust and more braking. Once at 60kts, you should no longer be using reverse thrust.


Just for clarification, Ground or Air Speed?

Ground speed

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One thing he forgot: It can 🧈

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Great guide! This is gonna sound really redundant but when referring to load %s, is that a percentage of the MTOW or some other weight. Thanks!

Whole total aircraft weight.

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Still reading this topic for my next flight!


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