757 taxi physics

To taxi in 2 knot winds at EGKK, I have to use at least 20% power (40% n1) to move at about 1-2 knots (in a boeing 757-200). What is going on? Is this a glitch?


Nope, this is just the trusty 757 in action.
Due to its age it hasn’t been updated since it was released unfortunately, the flight and ground physics are a bit bad. Well… really bad.
Hopefully it’ll get reworked in the future 😍

You can make the 606 into 607 by voting here:


At this stage I recommend throttling up more to increase speed. The physics of the 757 is different so I would not call this a “glitch”. 👍

That being said, the Boeing 757 is in need of a rework.

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