757 takeoff help?

When I takeoff in a 757 15• flaps on takeoff and the plane keeps on rising until I almost stall how can I stop this this?

Slow down?

20 😮 You should be more like 120 (even more)

What speed are you going? If your going too fast during takeoff to much lift is created as a result you pitching to high.

I usually use 20

200kts or 20 degrees flaps.

15• flaps
20 speed

Why is speed 20kts in the air.

If I would use to much speed my plane would go crazy

You should be taking off at 145kts or greater, not 20.


Use Flaps 5, start rotating at ~130 kts.


Ok thanks for the advice

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Try to adjust your trim

maybe increase the weight of the aircraft that should help.

Trim down a bit, it helps reduce the climb angle.

Go with an N1 setting of about 88-96% and flaps 5 or 15 based on the runway length. You should rotate around 130 knots.

From my researching the 757 is not as modern updated like other new plane so you have forfeit your right to complain that 757 is not fun to play like A318

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