757 Sounds for A330-300 (until a definitive sound is released)

Yeah, it’s been confirmed the sounds aren’t changing this update. But in the future they will I think.

103 votes in 17 hours. Infinite Flight please do it… :C We prefere an Airbus 757 rather than an Airbus 777, the B757 sounds much better


they already said that for 21.4 they’re not going to change the sounds, maybe in a future update as temporary solution till they found out how to implement the A330 sounds

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It’s just a suggestion, they should care about what sound fits better if it’s not possible to add custom sounds

I understand that everyone wants better sounds on the a330, but trust me within the week IF releases the update, I can guarantee you that people will simply forget about the engine noises and not care at all, and be happy with the remodeled plane with new features. And later on, down the road we can finally have the proper A330 engine noises.

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But how about CF6s

You make a very good point there

The CF6 only differs in sound at low throttle inputs, the spoil up for example. The Trent 700’s have a more noticeable spoil up sound than the CF6. Its possible that they add the CF6 sounds in the future, but I think the community prefers the Trent 700 over the CF6. The 777 and 757 also only have 1 engine soundpack (777 GE90 and 757 RB211)

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No i’ll be mad forever


Of course we will not forget it !

I agree 50%. The Aer Lingus A333 is fitted with CF6. That would be totally unrealistic sound and a bit stupid.

It’s better to save the CF-6 to the 767s as the Trent 700 is unique to the A330 imo


I have a feeling for now they will stick to the GE90’s and when they add the a330-900 that’s when they will add the Trent 700’s

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Definitely the B757 sound over the B777.

I have never been a fan of the B777 sound as it doesn’t sound right.


I’m outta votes, but I agree with this! Nice idea Juegos!

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imagine IF trolling us with the 777 sounds and release it with a brand new A330 sound, that would be the ultimate troll. Baited everyone


Doubt it, but you never know

Although unlikely, I hope that’s the case!

“imagine” i dont think its a troll myself lol

That would be amazing but I doubt it.