757 RB211 Engine Glitch

The title is pretty much self-explanatory.

At 0:21, when facing the inside of the engine cowling at almost a 90-degree angle, a weird cone-like object appears out of nowhere.
That cone disappears when viewing the engine from the front.

Disclaimer: I was the one who discovered this problem and figured out that it would be best to record it, but since I’m not very good at recording I reached out to @AvioesEJogos via Discord and he took a video of the issue after being able to reproduce it.

I would be appreciate it if anyone could offer a solution or explanation to this issue.

Hello thank you for your wonderful time to report this. Good news !! This issue has already been raised and the staff have been informed. I am sure they will be hard at work trying to solve this issue.

Have a great weekend !!



Thanks for the help! I actually created the topic since I couldn’t find any others reporting on this same issue.
Have a great weekend too!

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