757 Ram Air Turbine

I just found the RAT on the new 757 and looks like it has a more detailed design than in the 777. Do you think they will start working soon?


Nice. I searched the RAT but didn’t found…

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It is inside this red square:


I’m wondering why they added it, if it was added, there would almost be no use unless you needed emergancy power 😂

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Same goes for the cargo hold, cabin, along with all the animations 😂

Facts 😐 I really want to see them maybe add this in the near future, but I don’t think there would a need because most people’s engines don’t fail lol

It’s gonna work after METAL is complete :)

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Where did you hear that?

They model it so that if it has any use in the future it can animate and work. It is likely that it can be used after project metal since it can open up many paths that make sense to animate the RAT. For now, it remains idle.

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Metal allows a huge update for IF, including control systems & lightings. Probably buildings, tail logo lights and rat would be available after Metal since it’s the only way to bring them alive in IF

Metal is nearly a reconfiguration of the IF operating system


True. I can’t imagine how much longer that is going to take 😭😭😭

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They’ve been working for nearly a year (probably) all we have to do is wait for the good news :) stay positive folks!

Exactly, that’s what I was thinking about.
It may be useful in the future, so developers have taken a step ahead by modeling the RAT.

Not really, cabin I could say, I don’t really look at the seats rather out the window 😂

Cargo hold makes sense too, simulate loading cargo. It’s what every flight does.

The RAM Turbine is probably used 1/50,000 flights

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Ah okay Thks @IF-Mallorca

Apparently METAL is going to cure my diabetes too. There are no additional confirmed features with metal. Metal is the graphics engine and may make some development items easier and perhaps run more efficiently.


Then what would the point to be of the turbine being there in the first place? I think there might be some more use for it in the near future🙏

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