757 question

Form a lot over pictures I’ve seen. And plane spotting I’ve seen the 757 degree of gear tilt isn’t really the same. So have barely any and some are getting close to a a330. Will IF Implement this to the sim? Also correct if I’m wrong it might jut be the angle but idk.

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The reworked 757 will have gear tilt

Yes ik it will have gear tilt but will the gear tilt have a different degree of your tilt like how I see in real life

the gear tilt will be just like real life :D

He means 757s have different degree of gear tilt on some

Correct and I’m wondering if infinite flight will add those Different degrees or will it be the same

Probably not

Yeah probably not. I would want the A330 style gear tilt if we only get one.

Forgive me if I am interpreting this wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a difference in gear tilt on the 757, and I can’t imagine a reason why some aircraft would have more than others. Could you perhaps provide pictures to show what you are trying to say?


Pictures would be great to see what you mean about the 757 geat tilt @Airnico_9962_on_YT

I would definitely like to see what he means, can’t see a noticeable difference in tilt between 757’s.

Remember, the team is not done building the airplane yet. When it is done, it will most likely look normal. Give them time, you seem to be rushing to conclusions. They are not doing anything in accurate. They’re taking the real measurements from the actual aircraft and using the same degree on infinite flight.

Gear tilt differentiates based on a variety of factors of flight, so…

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Was just asking a question didn’t say anything like that

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