757 nose wheel issue

If you are zoomed in on the aircraft, the nose wheel appears unconnected to the ground, then when you zoom out it connects. (Both screenshots below show it zoomed in)


Oh yeah there’s 757 wheels never touch it so weird. And then when you land the back wheels go through the ground

this is not an issue, its just a limitation of the app, and how aircraft interact with the environment. the 757 is not the only one with nose gear that doesnt sit perfectly on the ground

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Also when you brake in the 757 it looks like the nose wheel goes through the ground.

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Wait until you see the E-jets

A crash landing and gear failure doesn’t count as breaking xDDD


I believe that could be more of a connection/global issue as most of my flights look normal at first, but a bit buggy on the replays.

Didn’t have to be that rude but sorry I meant braking*

Haha you spelled right man I was just joking, as in when the gear is in the ground sounds sort of like you landed so hard that the gear failed. I didn’t mean to sound rude, just a joke. :)

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Known and already documented issue.