757 nose gear lighting issue

I never really utilized the 757 prior to the rework, but have the lights on the nose gear always had a flickering appearance? Not as in the effect of the actual light, but possibly a clipping issue? I tried to capture some examples in day and night conditions.

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I think this is just the angle, in the first picture you are looking at the gear from an angle less than 90 degrees let’s just say 70 degrees. In the second picture you are looking at the nose gear directly. Not an issue at all as I’ve said it’s just the angle you are looking at it.

I took a screen recording from different angles because I didn’t want to post the entire replay, but unfortunately I can’t attach it here. It persists at different angles though, even as the camera changes the viewing angle.

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I think @schyllberg is needed here

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No need to tag him in #support as he will see them.

It is hard to see flickering from static photos. Do you have a video you can upload to youtube and share the link. Lights, especially at night, may vary depending on graphics quality, your device itself, and level of detail based on how far you are with the camera view.


If it’s clipping per say like sometimes you can see through the light, that can be many different things from the rendering capabilities of your device, to the program used to develop lighting, and all the in between, maybe project metal would fix this slightly, and also what Chris said above

It’s kind of short, but hopefully this helps and the resolution is adequate. Thanks https://youtu.be/SBlkEPDyXQs

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