757 mislabeled

So when I was watching a TikTok video of somebody going from Seattle to Honolulu, and he said it was the 757-200. I noticed it had 12 exits and not 10, like the 200 had. (The 757 was the first plane I had ever been on, so I know it well.) After research, this was the 757-300 Y configuration (The one with winglets) and as I suspected, had 12 exits, including the 2 smaller doors just after the overwing exits. Now I know this, because just a few weeks prior to writing this, I was on a 757-300(Y), and got to sit near the 2 smaller doors, and the safety card and video said it had 12 exits, mentioning the 2 smaller doors.

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Sorry, but not quite sure what you’re referring to here? Are you saying there’s any thing wrong with the 757 in Infinite Flight?


Yes, it says 757-200, but it should say 757-300

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Okay. Unfortunately our model is based on the -200 which is why it is labelled as such.

For example;

  • Overall length of the aircraft
  • Engines,
  • Not having the 2 smaller doors over the wings as you mention the -300 having etc.

and let’s not get started on the liveries :)



Those are not over the wings.

The ones over the wings you’re referring to being on the -300 are located here.

(Alert: System Unavailable : Delta Air Lines)

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Umm, I said just after the overwing exits.

There are two emergency exits over the wing on some 757-200 models, check United’s. But by the looks of it, he has never seen a 757-200 without the emergency exits over the wing

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That may be the case :)

@TypicalOOFers - here you have a 757-200 with the same door configuration as we have:


Obviously Infinite Flight based the model off of the 757 without the overwing exits

I have. I am talking about the doors behind the wing. Only the 757-300 has that.

Nope the 757-200 have them

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There are two configurations of doors of the 757-200, but IF chose to have one only

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Sheesh I’m getting lost reading this conversation.



The –200 has 3 cabin doors on each side of the fuselage along with emergency exit doors either aft of the wing or over the wing.

As mentioned earlier, there’s different door configurations where as we only created the one with the doors just aft of the wings.


There’s 2 versions of the 757s doors.One including the over wing doors and the other version includes one emergency door in middle aft of the 757, and infinite flight opted for the middle aft emergency door.


Using Delta as an example IF uses the Delta 757-200 with tail number “N822DX” and in real life that specific 757-200 has the door behind the wing and not over-wing exits, as seen in the photo I linked.


Delta does operate around 5 different configurations of the 757-200, some do have the over-wing exits but as said previously, IF chose to go with this model of the plane. The 757 in the game is certainly based off the -200 and not the -300.


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