757 Lights Issue

Idk if this happens to anyone else but for me the beacon and strobe lights arent coming on for Boeing 757. Even when the engine is on…nothing. Is this a glitch or how do i fix it?

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try clearing your cache app and restart the game and make sure to have all lights turned on

Ahhh ill try that thx

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let me know if it works

Maybe you haven’t turned on the main battery?
To do that in flight, go to systems > electrical > main battery

It didnt
Still nothing

Did the usual startup

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restart ur device

Ok ill try that

Nope still nothing


Maybe you could show us a screen recording of the issue occurring?

Ahh sure thing
Give me a sec

Yh I dont think I can share videos here

You can post the video on YouTube as unlisted and share the link here

Ill do that

Does it happen for all liveries or just this one?
Have you rebooted your device (not just the app)?

I could be really wrong, but your FPS seems kinda low

Maybe it has something to do with that (because both of these lights blink)

(Anyone feel free to correct me if what I said is nonsense haha)

I mean it’s only low fps cuz the screen recorder ws garbage loll

Yes I rebooted both
Idk abt all liveries but that one yes
It ws working just fine the day b4