757 Issues

I was flying the 757 today. I haven’t flown it in a hot second. I noticed it taxies really really badly. You have to leave the throttle at like 25% to just maintain 15 knots ground speed. Is there something im not doing right or is it just the airplane?


Well the physics are definitely not up to date, go and vote for a rework here


Btw next time you have performnce promblems please put it in #support

This is not a technical issue with the app, so that’s a no. It’s just a really old model :)

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Thank you for the reply. I love the 757. Its a unique aircraft. Thank you for everything else that you have to offer.

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What does “flown it in a hot second” supposed to mean, I’ve never heard of that term and I honestly don’t like it at all.

Flown the aircraft in awhile

Im sorry. It just means i havent flown it in a while.

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