757 Ground speed

I recently bought the 757-200 hoping it would be an nice add to my collection. I pushed back a realized it took a little bit longer than usual. Then I tried to taxi and it took a lot of power to move. I needed to stay at 20% just to keep my speed. Does anyone else experience this issue and is there a way to solve it.

Long and known issue :) I’ve had this since I bought IF a little over a year ago lol

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Let’s keep it mind this is, after all, a game. On our mobile(phone and tablet) devices.

The 75 is actually over powered. Thrust to weight ratio
It can be at max gross weight and still climb at a high rate of speed.
It is also able to take off at relatively short runways at max gross weight

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And the RRs look and sound so kuch better too 😋

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This is why Boeing needs to restart the 757 producion line with new emgines and other modificaions to the airframe…

One can dream!

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Same but Boeing said in May they have no plans on a new 757 even by popular demand. I think this is stupid because I was at lax today and a quarter of the planes were actually 757-200s

I thought the 757 is OP in real life too…

I fly the Boeing 757 a lot and I put the throttle to about 35% bring the ground speed to 30 and maintain the throttle to 20%. But I’m still wondering why the aircraft slides to the left when the winds are above 5knts?

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I have to taxi at that percent to

It’s when you land it’s a glitch

The devs are fixing it

The pushback time was very very long too.


Has this been fixed in the update?