757 front of aircraft

why does the front of the 757 point down when cruising ?

The nose points down because the aircraft has inaccurate physics. To help the 757 get a face (and nose) lift, vote for the rework below.


It’s probably because your decending at a very high rate. What’s your VS when you decend?

The 752 physics are messed up,A regular decent of around -1800fpm should have the plane pitched up much higher

That isn’t true for the 757. Please don’t spread false facts.

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Oh, I wasn’t aware, sorry for that, I’ll delete that post.

It’s fine! Most of the aircraft are accurate, the 757 is not though.

(Why are people commenting about descending? The main post says “when cruising”.)
What speed were you at when the nose was pointing down?


not while descending whilst crusing

My method is not to be nosedown by making a full 757 aircraft load (Passenger, Cargo & Fuel). And, inevitably drove at speeds below M0.77 / 5

So generally in the 757 I’d avoid going faster than Mach 0.8 when at cruise. If you go any faster, this may cause the nose to have a pitched-down attitude.

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