757 *Flipping* over

After 3 attempts I was able to depart EWR for SFO but I had to reject takeoff twice because the right wing kept going into the ground it would start dipping. There was only a 8kt south crosswind so that was not the problem. The two people infront of me also had the same although one just crashed and the other rejected takeoff. If someone could please tell me what this is that would be good. Note I am unable to provide any photo or video as I am now inflight

Also earlier I was testing it on solo and same thing kept happening and I got three of my friends to come and same thing for them except one of them the plane litterally flipped and he crashed…


Practice in solo taking off. The aircraft has a fairly large rudder so make sure to use that to help you.

Yea i did 8 on solo and my friends did like 4. I was using the rudder but there was no wind and I still was using it. It does not make sense though because the wing starts to dip at 30-50 knots… so slow. Also the plane does not turn its just the wing going into the ground.

Hmm. Weird I know what your talking about tho and I only had a 8 kt cross wind. The wing did in fact dip uncontrollably but not right into the ground. Maybe it’s a issue, maybe it isn’t but I guess we all need some practise with this new aircraft.

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You know what, that was a fabulous reponse. What a king. Respect

Thank you sir, tbh I was just wondering to see what you guys thought and if it was an issue. I don rly care that much as long as I can get it off the ground somehow we’re chillin yk

Thx man!

mods close or dont whatever floats your boat

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