757 flight controls and performance

Can anyone corroborate the performance on the 757? I’ve been getting used to the approach and I’m noticing that on final with flaps 30, my KIAS is between 125-130 kts. Is this correct? Seems really slow for an aircraft that large. The 73 I’m usually at 160 KIAS with flaps 30. Would love input from an expert or a type rated 75 pilot!! Lol

Theres no ground effect on the 757 so any faster and you start to float upwards. 125kts is okay for the 757 in Infinite Flight at least.


I’m honestly not sure how much anyone can help considering how outdated the model is. I usually bring it down with full flaps and ~130KIAS given normal circumstances. Until the model gets fixed in a rework (addition of ground effect, etc), the physics will continue to be off.

Vote here if you’d like to see the 757 reworked:


160 knots for a 737 is far too fast. Try 130-140. Same goes for the 757, 130 works fine.

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160 on short final for a 73 is text book KIAS. Unless you’re at flaps 40, then it’s 156.

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./ban @Jet2go ;). Just kidding, everyone has their own opinions. Just keep in mind, 1 vote can save… not going there lol. Actually not even sure the reason im replying. Anyway, safe flying mate.



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The 757 and 767 aircrafts are some of the oldest in the fleet. Their physics and looks need a rework that wont come for for a long time because of focuses on other aircrafts, as well as scenery and clouds. Until that rework comes, us 757/67 lovers will have to deal with what we have.

Pretty sure those are just the flap limitations. 160 is definitely fast for short final

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