757: First Impressions

Good day to everyone. This morning I flew my first route with the new 757, that being Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale, around normally operated by this aircraft. Needless to say, the developers have really outdone themselves once again with the gear tilt, wing flex, engine sounds, and the cockpit. However I did have a few issues with the aircraft.

Firstly, I am a bit lost on the removal of some of the old liveries. I read about the Aeromexico one and partially agree with the moderators. Yet I do not understand why the Star Alliance livery was removed. I understand that it is quite similar to the United livery, but with this removal, we only have one alliance livery, that being the 777 American One World livery.

Another issue that I noticed was the increased sensitivity. On final approach, I disabled autopilot for a manual landing, and the aircraft was much more rough and bobbing up and down, although I had calibrated minutes before the approach, and the winds were calm. This is very different compared to the 777 where switching from auto to manual is practically unnoticeable as it is a very smooth transition. In addition to the controls, I found the rudder to be quite sensitive as well. When attempting to go back on the centerline of the runway, I applied the same amount of rudder as I would on another aircraft, however the turn was much more intense than anticipated. I just wanted to know, is the aircraft is actually like this in real life or is it a parameter in the simulator?

In the end though, these issues aren’t as large to make the aircraft un-fly able, and I once again thank the developer team for reworking such an amazing aircraft, keep up the great work, can’t wait for the A330!


Yes, based off real-world pilot input and data from manuals.

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Make sure to calibrate right before you turn off your autopilot. I have also noticed the sensitivity, but it helps to calibrate more. Also use trim. I use 10-15% trim on the 757.

You have to remember, liveries cost money for the developers to host on live servers. They’ve already added a variety of airlines. Special Airlines like Star Alliance are not needed. Aeromexico on the other hand could’ve been added.

The older American livery was in the works but unfortunately wasn’t complete and has a chance of coming soon :)


The 757 has a very sensitive rudder and is not as easy of an aircraft to fly like the 777 or A320. It will take a lot of practice. I had a lot of trouble taking off and landing with this when I was beta testing it but I have gotten a lot better at handling it. My tip to you is to practice taking off and landing in solo mode. Try taking off and landing in certain weather conditions like crosswinds and practice using the rudder. The 757 is a finicky aircraft so it will take practice.

As for what you said about the liveries, I agree fully. I feel like IF tried too hard to make things diverse. Sure it’s great to have diversity but if it comes at the expense of pre-existing liveries, then no thank you.


That makes sense. I’m assuming they would’ve had to rework the old liveries as well then?

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From what they’ve said, everything in a full rework is built from scratch.


Makes more sense then. Just hoping that the liveries that were added are actually wanted by the community and won’t be neglected and unused.

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Your setting might be configured wrong becaise this is probably one of if not the smoothest aircrafy especially when transitioning from AP to Manual

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Hey! I was going to make a topic on the 757 autopilot but might as well just say it here.
I noticed that the autopilot is VERY rough with the speed settings. I was climbing and the autopilots lets the speed creep down maybe about five knots and then applies a lot more power which goes over the set speed etc…
I don’t know if this is a issue but this is just what I have noticed, has anyone else experienced the same issue?

(Also the V/S is a bit finicky as well)

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I am excited that America West has been welcomed to the 757 fleet family! First flight will be from KDEN-KPHX, and have never had any issues with the original 757, it’s actually one of my favorites!

They say they’re giving us “diversity” and yet they remove several major operators of the 757 to do it. Ridiculous


We lost so many beauties. Aeromexico, NWA, American Retro, UPS (which I mean ok sure makes sense), Allegiant, U.S Airways😢


We actually have a SkyTeam (Garuda) CRJ1000, so Star Alliance is the only one missing.

I am also a bit disappointed with some liveries being removed, but other than that the devs have done an outstanding job once more.

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Exactly! That is what I’m trying to say since beta started


Facts couldn’t agree more!!!

This is like them saying “Hey, let’s remove the Delta A330 and replace it with Tibet Airlines” 😐


Oh man if that happens in the re work 😂

I would be surprised if there WASN’T riots.

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