757 engines

When you fly the 757, and select the American Airlines 2013, the engine fan blades seem to be 3-D. From what I know this doesn’t exist on any other aircraft. The top image shows the normal 757 aircraft, where the one below is the American Airlines 2013 757. Personally, I like the AA 2013 engines, I think that they should be added to all aircraft with jet engines. Post what you think about adding these awesome engines.FYI The Images are mine.image


It is an older aircraft, It will probably eventually be reworked but I don’t see any problems

They aren’t 3D, just un edited pics of the blades

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Because they 3D blades were only added a few months ago on the 320 update I believe. The 757 won’t have 3D blades for a while

757 New American does indeed have working fan blades.

The C-17 has those blades too…i wonder why they were not added to the latest jets

The “3D engine blades” look nothing like a real engine at speed so that’s why the blurred ones are normally used.

It would only make sense if they turned to blur…i checked it right now and nothing happens with power increase… @AirbusA350 seems you’re also requesting something in #support

The only time you can actually see the blades are when the engine is turned off completely, even during the spool down once the power is cut its still a blur. I’ll try to get a picture of the spool down tonight on our flight.


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