757 engine spinner missing

I have noticed that when the engines are running on the 757, the engine spinner is no longer there, it’s just a flat surface with a very faint spiral which can hardly been seen, I have attached a photo showing this which I have exposed slightly to make it clearer.

Device: IPad Pro 2020
App version: 22.2

Hello Marco,
May I ask if this was the case using all camera angles or just this one? What were your graphics/rendering settings? Which airport was this at? Did something specific happen that caused this to take place?

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Can reproduce this
Here’s a vid: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vs8hEY4ovG2mgY7L7

Hello, Thank you for the report today.

Lucky for you, the staff have this issue internally noted already, so im sure we will see a fix for this in the future !

Enjoy the update and have fun

Clear skies


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