757 Easter Egg (actually)

There’s more than just altitude 😎


I think I’m doing something wrong

Best thing is that it’s not photoshop

With autopilot: Expert mode

God Mode engaged

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I found the way

Landing lights off

Landing lights on


Literally no one in beta found out about this (or at least made it known that they did). Perhaps you’re a god. We were silly not to try to find Easter eggs. 😳


Well you clearly missed how we were searching for a way to put custom text onto the IFE screens. Nobody thought about that one though…

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Yeah, I like to believe I’m a god as well.
Just kidding! I’m no god I was just curious if the same game on the a350 was on the 757 and I found it!

Wow! So it was my cluelessnes and stupidity that allowed me to find this! I knew it would pay off sometime! 😂😂😂 I’m glad we figured this out 😅

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If you see me flying with my landing lights on, don’t @ me.


It’s called Breakout. Atari is the game system :)


im at FL390 works perfect

You all were quick :)


my left arm is hurting rn ouch

Aww I didn’t even see this till now! 😂😂😂🤦🤦

By the way, I don’t know if I’m being stupid, but how do you get the interior camera view?

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You go to ”free and them swipe up to one of the ”interior cam” views and you can roam around the cabin with interior sounds 😉

Aha yes, and without meaning to sound like a total fool, how does one do this roaming?

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You use your finger and swipe toward up down and sideways (if that helps)
Kinda like freecam

Oh wow, I actually did it, thank you!

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No problem! happy to help! 😄