757 Easter Egg (actually)

So in the 757 if you go climb to FL390 turn your landing lights on and you look at them IFE screens you can play a fun little game (breakout by Atrari) in flight!

Try it! It’s super fun! Enjoy!


I never knew the overspeed warning was an easter egg


Lol yeah I was to focused on beating my high score 😂

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When is the next F i n d e g g topic coming lol

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Well, the A350 was fun, now I need to do this with the 757, I will…

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Yea just playing games on the B757 ignore the over speed warning 😂

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Waaaaaa, awesome! Laura strikes again.


Cool isn’t it?

That game is called Breakout if anyone was wondering that wasn’t here for the A350 easter egg.


That’s insane! My record was like 126! 😳😲

I’m currently at FL390 and I don’t see it 😔

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That’s awesome! Way to spot an egg. 😂

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You in the 757? And perhaps try flying the correct heading for that IFR altitude?

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I am currently and also cannot see it

Yep, heading east at FL390 right now, don’t see it on any of the screens.

Yeah try flying 0 degrees to 179 degrees at FL3900

This is all my flight info try and replicate it perhaps?

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I’m on a 49° heading, FL390

In relation to the aircraft where is this?

Here it is again
Is it working for anyone?

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Aha ok thank you

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