757 Beta Screenshots

A collection of my favourite 757 beta screenshots!


really looking forward to the release of the 757, its a shame to see certain liveries retired though but the news one are interesting

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. Also you are not allowed to post anything pictures of beta to #screenshots-and-videos.


It says he is TL2…?

I clicked on the worng person lol

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Can’t wait until it’s finally here, and to everyone who can’t access OB well all I can say is that you won’t be disappointed when the update is released.

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Wow i cant wait until i can also fly it.

You are not allowed to post photos of the 757 Beta update

There are no rules against posting but they recommend not to post till release. So he can post but not recommended

It’s best to follow the rules given by the staff :)

Once again…there is no rule given by the staff that you’re not allowed to post

Yeah i wanted US airways to stay in the game.

Can we post pictures of liveries that are already in the game? Without cockpit pictures either?

Right at the top it says that pictures of the beta should not be published in #screenshots-and-videos. ;)

It says you should avoid. We were told many times it is not recommended but lets move on. He posted them now so it doesn’t matter.

I don’t think we are allowed to post any pictures of the B757 until the Beta is over

Oh alright thanks. Cause i was planning on doing a #screenshots-and-videos topic on me flying the american airlines 757 in beta.

Please everyone remember that: should not ≠ must not

If it was forbidden I think it would be deleted by mods in less than 5 seconds…


likewise, i also wanted thomas cook to stay. But i must admit, i am really surprised to see us airways retired


Ok im just gonna do my #screenshots-and-videos topic after the official release just in case.

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