757 Approach into KSNA

Hey IFC! Here are a few pictures I got while flying into John Wayne Airport after a hop down the coast from San Francisco. There used to be so many 757s that flew into SNA, but now Delta is the only current operator which is really sad, but at least it still flies to the airport. Anyways, at least the 757 got the rework it deserves!

Server: Expert
Route: San Francisco (KSFO) to John Wayne/Orange County (KSNA)
Airline/Aircraft: United Airlines B757-200
Flight Time: 1 hr 13 mn

Turning onto Final

Catalina Island

Approach into North Orange County

The moon still in the sky

Another picture turning final


Nice! Hope you enjoyed trying to stop at John Wayne. Delta actually flies their 757 from Atlanta to John Wayne so I’ll be doing that soon.

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Yes Atlanta and Detroit (although it’s suspended due to COVID)

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WHAT? The developers put the scimitars on the UA 757?! Since when?! Awesome!!


Yeah it just showed up during the replay
Not during the flight unless I missed it, but I don’t remember seeing the scimitars 😂

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It’s funny that they really changed much of United’s 757 with RB211s and added the scimitars winglets


It’s weird how quickly you can stop tho 😂

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I just realized the engines 😂
But yeah it’s weird how quickly it happened

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At least they seen the responses from other people

Now I hope devs removed the winglets on the China Southern 757 :D since they don’t exists


Also looks like they fixed the gear tilt to be more realistic now

What a shot! Great work!

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Thanks! Didn’t expect to see the moon and saw it when I was getting pictures for the topic 😂

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Those are some nice pics

I was very excited that they changed the engines and the winglets. Lol

Best wishes 😃😃

Yeah I think UA is fine with both engines
Plus all their 757s have scimitars so it’s not that crazy of a change

It’s south Orange County. You are going north though

No that’s North County 😂

Tyler the SNA police entered the chat oop

Catalina island❤ have to fly there some time
Nice photos as well:)

@Thunderbolt @Thunderbolt @Thunderbolt this is for you!