757 and Airports


I think the restriction in the last update on the 757 at airports is a bit too harsh. I want to fly a Delta 757 at ATL but I cannot spawn at the A concourse, which DL 757s fly out of normally. Can this please be corrected in the next update?


This case is not unique to ATL or the 757. Because this issue is somewhat prevalent at the moment, the Airport Editing Team is working closely with staff to find a more permanent solution. I don’t have a timeline for you right now, but these issues are known and we are working to correct them.

I hope you understand our caution with this particular issue.


Thank you so much!

I had a similar issue. I tried to spawn a350 in gatwick south terminal, but I can’t. Cathay pacific does operate a350 from gatwick

That one is being updated currently. That problem may be fixed independently of others.

I can agree, I think the TFR at KEGE needs to be changed as 757s fly from there all the time.

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