757 and 767 Issues

The thrust lever of B767 and B757 doesn’t move.And both airplanes usually slide to left or right in landing .Are these troubles bags?If you have similar experiences,please post it.

I don’t have those problems. What do you mean by the aircraft slides from left to right on landing? Do you mean the thrust lever in the cockpit doesn’t move? They aren’t troublesome for me…

They’re unfortunately old models so they don’t have all the bells and whistles that the A320 for example might have.

Are you inadvertently applying rudder or moving the yoke/stick to the left or right? Are you flying into a crosswind?


If you have “couple rudder and ailerons (on the ground)” enabled, you´ll for sure swing left or right when landing.

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You are light! “Couple rudder and yoke” let the head swing.Thank you for your advice

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You’re welcome.

The 757 is a particularly slow aircraft. It may need a good push of thrust to get it going, in deed its not for the beginners. Im not completely sure if its a bug.

Its just old.

OK! I wil make sure whether the airclaft slides on crosswind landing.Thank you.

I think he may be thinking of the sliding on point bug…