757, 777 in free mode

Hello there,
I have realise that our free aircraft fleet(reworked) is too less. The newest free aircraft is only the B737 family. I think the people will change to play other FS. So I will suggest that changing some very old free aircraft(B747) to B752 and change from A380 to B777 family (only B772 or B773). Hope you enjoy this idea :D

I don’t think that would be worth for them… :/


Unfortunately this won’t be happening anytime soon. By making the highest-quality aircraft free to use, then it turns off the appeal to purchase the pro subscription, which would overall hurt Infinite Flight. The concept is there, but it wouldn’t be practical.


These articles explain more or less why they wouldn’t make those planes free. It’s not exactly the same, but understandable.

Basically, less people would buy pro, which means less profits.


I hope that people will love this game instead of saying this game is very expensive

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We have no plans to do this I’m afraid. The mean reason is because the 757 and 777 family are aircraft that could be purchased individually in the past (before Infinite Flight Pro), and we still honour these purchases for people that bought them.

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