757 -200 Light Pattern

I was flying an American 757 and while I was checking the outside view of the aircraft, I realize that the strobes and beacons doesn’t work but if I put the camera on side it works. Please fix. Thanks!

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Hello, are you able to send a photo to get a better idea of what’s happening?

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Ok Thanks.

This wouldn’t work at all actually because it’s not a scenery issue. Just for future references I recommend taking a quick look at this topic as it goes through when to use and recommend clearing the scenery cache.

@BviAirways, what’s your device and graphic settings and does it only occur at night?

Yea i’m sorry, that’s was the first and only thing that came on my mind

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I did what he said and it kinda worked, but it’s not as steady as how the pattern used to be. My device is a Samsung A21s 64gb. The graphic settings for the game is set on high.

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I’ll see if I can reproduce.

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No issues on my end, it’s showing up as normal:

  • iPhone 12
  • 21.4
  • iOS 14.7.1

Also with the American Airlines Livery:

Well I guess it’s only on my end then.

Maybe restart the app. It could be a one time only bug

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Yeah I’ll do that after I land in San Diego.

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I wouldn’t think this would be the issue but what is your current version of Infinite Flight? (20.3, 21.1, 21.2 etc.)

Sounds about righ

That looks fine. See if an app and device soft restart does anything. Avoid a reinstall for now as you should only do it if absolutely nothing else works.

Ok. Thanks for your help! I’ll try that after I land and see if it works.


Friend, does the A21s support If on ultra graphics?

Hi. Yes it does.

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