757-200 Fuel Dump glitch?

Hi thought I bring to your attention if it has not been reported already.

I know 757 dont have the capability to dump fuel but…

757 can’t dump fuel IRL


What seems to be the problem?

The screenshot you sent doesn’t show anything.

If you see where the fuel is at the bottom
Sorry should have highlighted it with a pen

I think he mean about the Fuel dump on the status bar

The 757 can’t dump fuel in real life, there is no problem with the screenshot also…

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Yes, you’re 200 kilograms above MLW…that’s it.

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When an aircraft in IF dont have Fuel dump option isn’t supposed to show the remaining fuel to get MLW. So i think this is the problem

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When no fuel dump is going on it just shows you how much you’re over the Maximum landing weight aka how much kilos it is until you can’t dump fuel anymore. Just a minor inconvenience, but better than a “jk lol you can’t dump fuel” placeholder, still handy as an indicator of how much you’re over the MLW


All the aircraft have that option to display this in the information panel. However, the 757 cannot dump fuel. It can appear in the C172, but that cannot dump fuel either.

Usually that’s for aircraft that have capabilities to dump fuel. Otherwise it would show - - - -
It’s the first time I seen with fuel dump that shows the amount to dump when there is no chance of dumping fuel

Yea but this isn’t supposed to show with aircrafts that dont have fuel dump option

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Exactly my point!

But is cool to have this to know how much fuel you need to burn till you get below MLW. But looks like this is a bug

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I have now updated the pic to highlight the potential glitch. It’s on a 757-2

All aircraft that doesn’t dump fuel do not have this status showing. Maybe devs purposely designed this feature to be added specifically for 757 but no button to dump fuel.

I really don’t think it’s an issue that requires immediate attention. Just leave it be.


If it annoys you then just don’t have it on your bar no glitch here.

No it is not annoying, it’s something I have not seen before in an aircraft that do not have fuel dump capability and wondered if its a bug
That’s it