757-200 Amazing Secret

Hey everyone, I know a lot of you may know this already, but I thought I should point this out to people that do not know of this. When you fly the 757-200 in Infinite Flight, and you go to internal free camera and go into the cabin, you could see this.

This is a very cool “hidden” feature in Infinite Flight. I matches your flight plan. If you fly the Vice Presidents 757-200 which will soon be Kamala Harris plane you will get a different message.

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I love the developers attention to detail and I would love more detail like this in future updates. Thank you to all the Infinite Flight developers.

Thank you everyone, Airborne


I honestly didn’t know about the Vice President one…


Wow, I didn’t even know about the Vice President one! Good catch!


I knew about this cool feature on the reworked 757 but not the vice president 757 - so thanks for informing me!
Seems the IF developers have put ‘Madam’ in advance of the 20.3 release when US elections have concluded.
Great attention to detail indeed!

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Whoa! This is cool, good catch there!

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Madam Vice President is actually Laura. She’s both the president and the Vice President at the same time. 😜

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Oh, it fits for both her and Kamala Harris

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Mathematically speaking that’d be the Vice (President)²

just kidding

I need to try this out on my next 757 flight.


Go to FL40 and look at the screens again!


Are you talking about the Breakout game?

This month’s IFC Gametime is based on that! You can find it in the A350 too!

It’s technically Vice President but really it’s just used to transport White House staff (including the Vice President or president) let’s be honest does the president really need to be on airforce 1 if he’s just flying an hour or two through the country still a nice feature!

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I must say this feature is looking great and adding so much! Altough I didn’t flew the B752 yet…