748 Compatibility

Hello everyone , I was looking through the forum at the 748 and everyone is saying it’s not quite efficient and you would need to do unrealistic procedures. This quite put me off it but i really wanna fly this aircraft! If anyone has any tips i would appreciate if you leave any comments.

Kind Regards Rio ;)

The physics of the 747 are rather outdated.

Things like how the aircraft behave such as fuel flow is a bit off - you can fly it but pack about 3-4 hours extra fuel.


What trim do u recommend i use if i’m above or at 75% load.

It usually needs around 60Percent trim.

But that depends on the weight

Also during take off,rotate slowly,or it might cause A tail strike,as the B748 is VERY long

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Is 60% trim during flight or just take off and landing ?

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I think trim during flight is best adjusted as you go. After every levelling off and power change then wait a bit and retrim.

You can use the tiny purple bar on the trim button (the IF user interface button on the left side) to judge …trim to remove the purple.

Generally the more power used and more nose down attitude needed then the trim should be lower. Trim up for lower power and more nose up attitudes.

Flaps change things again, with more down trim needed for each extra stage of flaps.

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Am I the only one that doesn’t use trim on takeoff 💀

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Thank you very much I’ll definitely use this advice.

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Yup he’s right @AviatorEgcc


What VS do you recommend ? Sorry for the questions.

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