747 to space

Well i was just looking through my replays and i went to my first ever one. I loaded in and the plane started flying straight up. Thats cool i thought it usually goes back down to the ground and starts the replay but it didn’t. It just kept going up and up and up. These are the photos i got


Hey, great shots. Unfortunately, these photos go against the category guidelines. Photos may not contain the heads-up display.

Wow. This is cool

casually bumps 7 month old topic


Why the bump?

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I looked at the #screenshots-and-videos rules and saw this and I was like. Why not

cuz why not these are great pics i would have never saw.

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oh well let’s pretend this topic is brand new

Cool photos!

That don’t adhere to the category rules :/

what the pics

Yep, they have the replay HUD

bruh this topic is like 7 months old just let it be 😂

Yea I brought it up cuz

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🤦‍♂️ lol ye forgot bout that

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