747 stalls

I was flying a 747 and it stalled randomly at 38,000 feet


You are likely too high for your weight. The 747 can only get as high as 38000ft when light. What is your load %?


Manifest for the passengers was around 350 to 360 passengers and cargo about 30k. That’s probably why

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I would focus on the Fuel Load. That’s what varies during a flight. If you still had a lot of fuel, then yeah, you were too high for that time


Oh yeah - at that weight you will be around 70% load or so - at which you will want to cruise at 32000/34000ft.

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Sounds like you made the journey into coffin corner.

The 747 in IF has very wacky physics, so such high climb should only be performed at very low weight if at all.

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That’s a little too high for the weight you probably had. Stick to around 35000 feet.

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Good to know

35 to 36k is reasonable

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I’ve noticed the a330,a380,a340 and bombardier has this issue as well

With no warnings as well or visual instruments from cockpit

The A380 and A340 are outdated aircraft in terms of the simulator, and the A330 needs a very slow climb past the FL280 (the Neo isn’t as bad as the -300 in this regard).

The key to all of them is a slow climb and lower altitude at higher loads, especially because the AOA is wacky on the big boys at cruise altitude.

True a330neo is pretty good with automation

It’s like your flying on 747

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