747-Sofia not braking

My 747sp wouldnt brake while taxiing, there where planes right ahead and I made a shape turn to avoid them. I tried parking brakes and normal brakes but none worked.

Do you have your replay file (you can upload it to showmyinfiniteflight.com) or a video of this?

Wait is there even an -SP in IF?!

Do you mean the classic 747? I do not recall IF having the -SP.

I wish we had an SP :)

The 747 is an older aircraft but it does have brakes.

Was AP speed on?
Did you press parking brakes or pull down on the rudder
How fast were you going?

Is your issue around not slowing down or not turning?

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I think he means 747-200

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There is an SP its called Sofia

No there is, look for the 747 Sofia

Oh you mean the telescope version

AP speed was not on, the plane just kept speeding up, throttle was idle I tried both brakes (parking and normal)

No SP is not Sofia, SP is a shorter version

That is weird. Did you apply reverse thrusters to try to stop at least?

Without some sort of video it could be a fluke or a defect. Usually it is due to someone pressing on speed by accident or having a yoke connected that has a mapping that was off. I would reboot your device and try again.

It is a 747SP, its short. The 747 Sofia is an SP variant.

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Why is every solution just to delete the app and reinstall it is so annoying to do that. Especially if I have replays

Reboot is not the same as a reinstall. You shouldn’t have to uninstall for everything. That is the last thing you should be trying. The first is to reboot the app and/or device and try again. Most of the time flukes happen. This is the support way.

Oh ok I get it now thanks a lot.

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