747 SOFIA issue

Hello. The 747 SOFIA is still unflyable? Will the 747 SOFIA and other 747 variants be removed?

No, the Sofia is still available.

yes i have received an error saying i cannot download it

that’s probably only your connection issue

its been a issue for a long time

but it work fine for me so idk

do you have pro or no

yes you should have the pro to fly the sofia

I do not but I have the plane as I purchased it a long time ago

Even if you purchased it a long time ago, since IF moved to the global server, you’ve needed a Pro Subscription in order to fly the SOFIA and most other aircraft.

If you have purchased planes they will still remain available to you even without a pro subscription.

The sofia was a free with 20+ purchase

Yes, under the old system, which has not been used for a number of years now.

Now you require a PRO subscription to fly aircraft like the SOFIA.

Explanation have already been provided in a separate PM before. Additional topics not required.