747-SOFIA Flight Pictures

Hey! Today I was flying a the SOFIA at 45,000 ft from Palmdale to Palmdale.

Aircraft Info
The 747-SOFIA better known as the 747-100 or 747SP was and still is used by NASA for Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. This particular 747-SOFIA was a United 747SP before being given to NASA for research.

Aircraft: 747-SOFIA
Server: Expert
Route: KPMD-KPMD (Palmdale, California)
Flight Information: Alt: 45,000 ft, Spd: M0.88, Flight Time: 2 hr flight time


Nice teapot you got there bud. Also there’s something about the colors on the last one

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Huh, I never knew SOFIA belonged to United before NASA, thanks for the info!

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Like the angle on the first pic and the last one looks awesome! Nice job

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