747 SCA question

What does the action for the door on the shuttle carrier do? I was able to activate it on the ground but I didn’t see anything happen. I also hear there was a way to detach the shuttle and fly it, is that still an option?



I believe you need to be above 40,000 feet for the door to open, with an example able to be seen in the topic linked below:

As mentioned in the topic above though, I believe there may be a bug regarding the action button for this aircraft, and I’m not sure if it has been resolved yet. But go for a fly and once you get above 40,000 feet it should work, theoretically.


Thanks for the link, I missed that topic. I tried on the SCA at 40,000 and nothing happened. I believe its a bug because it appears Aeroplane747 in the topic linked said the SCA has no opening parts. Thanks anyway!

Yeah, the bug must still be around then and hasn’t been fixed yet. At least you know for when it does get fixed.

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Thanks, you too!

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