747 SCA door

Today, when I was practising landings on the 747 SCA, I noticed that it had a door button, but when I pressed it, nothing happened. I looked everywhere to find this so called “door” but I couldn’t find it. Can someone help?

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Was your altitude at 40,000 or above? That might have been your issue, you need to be above 40,000.

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Ohhhhh. I didn’t know that, my bad.


No worries, haven’t flown the Sofia in ages. Pretty cool little feature once you get above 40,000.

Have fun! 📸

Edit: The Op was totally referencing the 747-SCA and I posted about the Sofia. Will follow up with an answer to the SCA. Stay tuned :)

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The 747 SCA does not have any opening parts. Why is there actions and open door button?

@Aeroplane747 @NayanNair thanks for the report, just noted this internally with the team. Have a great week and sorry for the original confusion!