747 over Senegal

Decided it was time to take a step up to the 747-200, and I’m pretty happy with its performance on this short hop. I’m also ecstatic that it’s not an A350.

This is a great little hop for anyone looking to get under an hours worth of seat time, with an easy departure & arrival with commercial airliners.

Aircraft: 747-200(Olympic)
Departure: GOBD
Arrival: GQNO
Duration- :44
Server: Casual


I love your screenshot! Those looks great!

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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words

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Nice moonshot! I try to get good moon shots but it looks to forced.


Yeah I hear you there. It usually takes some playing and shifting around with the angles to come up with something that seems realistic or even looks good. A lot of them I see you are just an oversaturated zoomed in photo of the moon with an airplane silhouette in front of it.
I really like the ones where the guys catch the perfect time at sunrise or sunset, they get a good shot of the moon and it’s light out enough that you can get a really quality look at the livery on the aircraft.

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Good luck and keep on trying, you’ll get it.

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