747 Nose Seating

Only recently did I find out about the seating in the nose of the 747. Since I have never flown on one, I have only seen photographs of the planes exterior. The windows carry on all the way to the nose tip!
So I had to find out what was going on in there! I found out that in the nose of the 747 seating becomes a single isled, 2-2 config.
Looking something like this, quite cramped if you ask me!


It depends what class you are in as to what kind of seats are at the front


As @Matt_Elphick it depends, airlines still operating it use it as the premium cabin as a result of limited space, for example Lufthansa have 8 first class suites here to make use of the space

I always wondered this too, I noticed that the second picture is from a NWA 747

If the airline puts a business or first cabin in the nose (which most do) the seats all the way at the front are usually the most private. Having flown in one I can confirm that this is the case. Some of the seats towards the back of the nose are similar to the ones on the upper deck or elsewhere.

Very interesting

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BA has First at the front, as then you don’t have people walking up and down the isle as much. 1A on a BA 747 is very nice, not cramped at all.

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The only reason it doesn’t continue around the entire nose is because of radar equipment in the nose. If only it could be moved…

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I’ve been on a retired Qantas 747-400 and they keep it all nice and what it was like when it was in service and it is 1-1 first class quite roomy


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